What Makes Great Customer Service?

By joanne | 31st August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy

Last Friday I paid a visit to quite possibly my favourite shop in the country.  It’s about an hour’s travel from my home and I visit probably once a year.  I’ve been a customer for ten years, but I won’t be their biggest spender.  I have however recommended them to countless ladies over that ten year period.

The shop is a lingerie shop called Turnbulls in Carlisle (http://www.turnbullslingerie.co.uk/index.php?dept=1).  I’ve shopped in other lingerie shops; many more local to my home, but I keep going back up the M6 to Turnbulls – and more importantly, I look forward to my visits.  So what makes them so special?

  • They offer a great product – The best customer service in the world cannot mask a shoddy product, so your product has to be right to begin with.
  • The staff remember me – I was greeted on Friday by a lady called Alison who has worked there for at least the ten years I’ve been a customer.
  • They smile – every single member of staff is always wearing a smile, which makes it a very welcoming place to be.
  • You receive personal service – the lingerie you buy is personally fitted, so it matches your shape.  (For any confused men reading this, two bras are rarely the same fitting – even in the same size.)
  • You have a conversation – personal service allows conversation.  From a sales point of view, that opens many opportunities and from a customer point of view, it shows you think they’re the most important person in the world – at that moment.  And that’s important.
  • There is no pushy up-sell – but you are up-sold.  The matching items are all available – should you want to purchase them.
  • They invest in staff training.  The new lady I saw on Friday had been working in the shop for four months and was still undergoing training in fittings and service.  As a professional marketer, that’s a great thing to see.

The great thing about all of these seven points is that they cost nothing to implement.  They’re some of the first things we put into place when we work with a new customer, because they can alter your net profits with no investment at all.

What makes me giggle is that I first went to Turnbulls for my wedding lingerie.  I was terrified and you can’t simply walk in and buy a bra off the shelf.  Since then, I’ve been back many times and I never walk out with the product I went in for – but I always walk out a happy customer.  The key is, they know what I want better than I do…they’re the experts.

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