Are You Tweeting Yet?

By joanne | 25th August | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

According to web monitoring company, ComScore, there are over 10 million people using Twitter.  Perhaps what’s more interesting from their research is that the average age of those 10 million people is 35.  So Twitter isn’t something that only your teenage kids are using, it’s being used by a much wider generation span.

The feedback from our network and trainers is that Twitter is also where the real business connections are being made.  Facebook seems to be used for personal connections and friends, but business is happening through Twitter and people met through that social media tool.

So…isn’t it time you got started?

You simply need to visit and sign up for an account and then there’s no stopping you.  But please beware… you need to treat Twitter as you would a networking event.  If you overtly sell to people without building a relationship first, your followers will decline.  And there’s little point tweeting if no-one’s listening to you.

Good luck and please share your experiences with us.

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