When Advertising Works

By joanne | 3rd August | Marketing Skills

‘Compare the meerkat’ is probably the most commonly used phrase in British zoos these days.   ‘ComparetheMarket.com’s advert has become part of the public consciousness and is a great example of fantastic advertising.  ‘Simples’ has even become an entry in online dictionaries.

The secrets to the success include creating likeable characters, entertaining adverts and the designers have also managed to cleverly repeat the brand name several times – without being annoying.  What’s even better is the follow-up to the campaign – it’s not just a TV advert; the meerkats have their own web page and Aleksandr has his own Facebook profile.

Whilst the campaign’s a huge amount of fun, you know I’m always focused on the profits from marketing – so what about the results?  According to a recent edition of ‘The Marketer’, the results speak for themselves:

  • From January – August 2009, there was an 83% increase in traffic to comparethemarket.com’s website
  • Direct traffic rose from 30-50%
  • Aleksandr Orlov’s own Facebook page has 600,000 fans

If only all advertising could be so effective – and so entertaining!

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