Do You Make It Easy For Customers?

By joanne | 23rd July | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

First things first, let’s get back to basics:

  • Are you missing any telephone calls?  Perhaps when you’re in meetings, or on another line, or away from your desk?
  • If so – do you have an answering machine?
  • Do you divert your calls to a mobile?
  • Do you have two (or more) lines, if you receive a lot of calls?

If people can’t get hold of you, that usually stops them buying – even if you’re an online business.

You have to make it easy for people to buy – otherwise, they’ll go somewhere else.  To help your customers, do you:

  1. Make it clear exactly what you do?
  2. Have your phone number visible on all your marketing materials (including your website)?
  3. Answer the phone in a timely and professional manner (ideally with a pre-written script)?
  4. Have an efficient message-taking service (i.e. not your 3-year old)
  5. Have a sales system that makes it easy to sign up – and pay?
  6. Use contracts, to protect you and your customers?
  7. Offer a guarantee, to shift the risk from your customer back to your business?
  8. Follow-up customers and prospects in a timely manner?
  9. Call customers to ask if they’d like to go ahead / renew / buy from you again?
  10. Give great customer service and keep in touch?

Let me give you an example I experienced yesterday that sums all of these things up:

About two weeks ago, we received a letter about the renewal of our motorcycle insurance policy.  I knew I had to deal with it, but hadn’t got around to it.  Yesterday, we received a call from Yamaha Insurance Services asking us about the renewal and following up the letter.  They ran through the quotation with me and managed to save me a little more money on the premium.  (This meant I decided not to shop around and instead decided to renew with them.)  When I didn’t have my debit card handy, they waived the credit card fee, to ensure I’d renew that day.  Very smart marketing – and they made it so easy, it was brilliant.  They saved me time, effort and the documents arrived by email the very same day.  Very simple and very brilliant. Excellent customer service – well done Yamaha.

Could you replicate that model in your business?  Most of us could – but we don’t.  We think we’re too busy doing other things – but sales are the lifeblood of your business.  This is where you absolutely should be spending your time.  It’s the very first thing we look at when working with a marketing consultancy client – there is no point chasing new customers and new leads if you aren’t looking after those you already have!

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