Recession-Busters: How to Generate More Sales

By joanne | 20th July | Marketing Ideas

The ripple effect of the credit crunch appears to be lapping at our shores so, first things first… if you’re finding it tough to be in business at the moment and people are taking longer to say ‘yes’ (and even longer to pay,) rest assured – you are not alone.

Opportunities are out there for companies offering high quality products and services, but they might be slightly harder to reach – and you might have to be patient.  Donald Trump warns of the dangers of losing momentum, so what can you do to keep busy and ensure the income keeps flowing?

Our top ten sales & marketing tips are:

  1. Spend your time on income-generating activities – sales / marketing / chasing bad debts etc. are all examples of jobs that bring in money.
  2. Boost your sales and marketing activity. Now is the time to invest – especially if you’re still busy.  Autumn and winter will be upon us soon, so ensure you have sales and marketing programmed into your schedule, every day.
  3. Put a system in place to chase bad debts.  Sending statements and calling people may mean you’re paid before others.  If it gets beyond that, we know a solicitor who’ll send a letter of claim for just £5 – this can be a very cost-effective way of ensuring you recover any outstanding debts.
  4. Get busy.  If you’re quiet – but you’re still working 9-5, you need to work a bit harder.  Get out of your office and speak to people. Visit networking events and meet new contacts.  You can visit many of them for free – and you’ll be surprised who you may meet – and how willing people are to help.
  5. Call old and nearly customers.  People who haven’t bought for a while can be a valuable source of sales.  How long is it since you spoke to your old customers?
  6. Beware cutting your prices – this doesn’t usually work and just serves to cut your profits.  This means you have to sell many more products to just stand still and you probably won’t be able to increase your prices again for years.  It also devalues your whole industry, so do this only as a last resort.  (If you want to learn ways to maintain your prices, come along to one of our free marketing seminars.)
  7. Offer good customer service.  This is often overlooked, but it’s incredibly important to your customers.  How could you add a ‘wow’ factor to your service and give people a reason to buy from you again?
  8. Ensure you have an answerphone – with a great message.  You can’t afford to be missing any calls, at any time.  You’d be surprised how many businesses we speak to who want more customers but never answer their telephone.
  9. Get back to people quickly.  If someone calls, makes and enquiry, requests a quote… you need to respond faster than your competitors.  If people want something, they generally want it yesterday, so keep on top of your paperwork.
  10. Say thank you.  If someone gives you a piece of business, or recommends you, or does a great job for you, say ‘thank you’.  They’re two very tiny words, but they’re probably the most powerful two words in the English language.

Good Luck.  Work Hard.  And shout if you need any specific advice to generate more customers for your company.

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