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By joanne | 1st July | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

I received a phone call from a customer this morning who told me she’d been promoting an event that was running in her town via her blog and Facebook page.  She was approached by the organisers and asked to remove the articles, as they felt she was ‘jumping on their bandwagon’ and making it appear as if she were organising the event.

As I’ve only heard one side of the story, I won’t jump to conclusions, but there are a couple of really crucial lessons in this story and they link to the way business – and marketing – is changing…

  1. Once a story has appeared in the ‘news’ it really is open to anyone to discuss, talk about, tell other people about…  This may be verbally, but it may also be online, as more and more of us have conversations with people using the technology we now have at our disposal.
  2. If you’ve sent a story to a newspaper, you obviously want the promotion – so let others talk about you online to their hearts content.  Especially if they include a link to your event, story or site.  By working together, you’ll all reach more people.
  3. We now live in a different world – collaboration is king.  Online people work together in a very different way.  They share more information and they work together for the greater good.  If you don’t understand that, you need to learn about how social marketing could boost your business.
  4. The more people are talking about you – online or offline – the more successful you’ll be (as long as they’re talking about you for the right reasons).  So make it easy for people to share your news with their networks – you will all benefit in the end.
  5. Stop being precious about ‘your’ content.  Very little in the world is new these days, so you need to work with others and share more openly.  Just look at the success stories of recent years, such as YouTube and Twitter, to see how much sharing is going on – and how much you’re losing out on.

If you live in the North West and want more details about social media, look out for our post about the ONE Event – we have a great trainer coming along to talk about optimising your website and talking to people online.  (Visit for more details.)

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