World Cup Opportunities Abound

By joanne | 16th June | Marketing Ideas

Love it or loathe it, the World Cup creates a fever-pitch atmosphere around the world – especially in the UK.  You just have to look at the number of England flags on cars and houses to witness the size of it’s target audience.

And with it, the World Cup brings some great marketing opportunities.  A couple of the best we’ve seen so far are:

  • A cinema in Ulverston, Cumbria is showing the World Cup – so you can enjoy the matches with about 500 people.  You can also take your kids along and help create a family atmosphere.  This is an example of a great use of an existing venue to bring people in at times the building may not otherwise be used – and it sounds like amazing fun!
  • Our printer sent us a mailshot that included a World Cup wall planner, which is now on our wall.  It had an England flag on the back and both sides incorporated their branding – so we’ll be staring at their company name for the next month.  Outstanding!

Please write to us with other ideas you’ve seen, or come up with.  We can then maybe judge the best ones…

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