Branding As A Country

By joanne | 15th June | Marketing Training

South Africans are incredibly passionate about their sport and they’ve been waiting for the World Cup for decades; many believing this is a chance similar to that of the Rugby World Cup, to unite their nation.  And they certainly know how to celebrate!  This World Cup is full of colour, vibrancy, passion… it’s been a joy to watch.

From a branding perspective, every audience member will have perceived something different…

  • Have you been overwhelmed with the colour and the passion of the people (as I am)?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the images of poverty and suffering?
  • Would you say their branding shows a united nation?

Every one of the millions of people around the globe watching the World Cup will perceive something about South Africa as a country. And South Africa as a brand.  And it’s the same for your company – your customers will pick up on subtle messages about you and your business, and they will make up their own mind about what you stand for – and what you don’t.  And their perception is reality – at least for them.  the question is, will it stop them from buying?

And will some minority prospect ruin your brand for others?  With the advent of social media, it’s very easy for one or two dissenting customers to have their say about your business; whether founded or otherwise.  You need to Google your name and that of your business, and try to control the messages about you and your brand – at least comment on any bad publicity where you are able.

Back to Africa, the question this week is whether the symbol of the South African global football brand – the vuvuzela – will be constrained in some way.  For me, the sounds of the vuvuzela sum up South Africa’s branding – it’s loud, it’s colourful and above all, it’s fun.  Would you like someone else to take control of your branding the way we’re trying to take control of theirs??

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