Could you increase your average sale by just £2?

By joanne | 21st May | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Up-selling is marketing jargon for selling customers something else in addition to the original product or service they are purchasing.  The most common examples are protection insurance or extended warranties, but we experienced up-selling at a cinema last night which worked really well…

It was our tenth wedding anniversary last night, so my husband and I went out for a meal and then watched the romantic movie ‘Iron Man 2’ at our local cinema.  The up-sells went as follows…

  • When we booked our tickets, we were asked if we wanted to upgrade to VIP seating.  This cost just £1 extra per person and meant we sat in a leather chair in the centre of the cinema.  Of course, we said ‘yes’.
  • We also purchased a large Coke and some Minstrels – which we don’t often do, but that was a further £6
  • With our tickets, we were handed a voucher to return to the cinema and receive money-off in the next two weeks – likely to be the Shrek movie!
  • The cinema also had an agreement with the restaurant next door – which happens to be our favourite restaurant, so we received an unexpected 20% off the food bill (meaning we spent more, of course).
  • The restaurant offered us desserts and more drinks once we’d finished eating; something not all restaurants do but it’s great customer service and it sells more product.

These are simple tips and techniques that any business could use – and they are incredibly effective.  On average 30% of people will say ‘yes’ to an up-sell.  So if you aren’t asking, you could be missing a huge chunk of profits.

I must share with you an example of a down-sell from last night too… we went into a local pub for a whisky and were looking at the selection of single malts.  When we asked if they had any more to choose from, we were offered ‘house’ whisky, which was only £2.50 for a double – not quite what we were looking for!

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