Coalition Co-opetition

By joanne | 14th May | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Whatever business you are in, you probably have competition.  And, if you’re honest, some of your competitors will be better than you at delivering some products and services.  (And, of course, you’ll be better than them at delivering others.)

And therein lies the opportunity… your competitors can be your closest allies, if you’re all clear on what you offer or what you stand for.  And, more importantly, what you don’t.

Let me give you an example to illustrate… we work very closely with a company called AWOL Solutions; a catering and hospitality consultancy.  On the face of it, they may appear to compete with our marketing consultancy services in the hospitality sector.  But, in actual fact, they refer me a large proportion of my business, and vice versa, as we both know where one of us starts and the other stops.  Whilst I can assist with low-cost, low-risk marketing strategies, AWOL can advise on purchasing the right stock, menu selection and driving profitability through the kitchen.  We only overlap slightly – and it works in our favour.

Consider for a moment who you may be able to work alongside – and whether there are any opportunities to do that.  Who would you need to call and arrange to meet?  (I would urge you to pick up the phone now and open the door.) Co-opetition can be a fabulous source of business – and I hope it proves to be as successful for our new Government.

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