Outstanding Customer Service

By joanne | 6th April | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Understanding your customers is the key to successful marketing, but if you can go one step further and really empathise with them, you are likely to wow.

We experienced a great example of this over the Easter weekend, when we returned to Islay (a beautiful island off the west coast of Scotland).  Both my sister and I have new puppies and they weren’t allowed in the cottage we stayed in, so we kenneled them at the Gearach on the island – a place we had used last year.

Eleanor and Mark, who run the Forest Lodge and kennels, are animal-mad and we knew the pups would be in good hands for their first stay away from their new ‘pack’.  More importantly, Eleanor understood that we would be concerned about how they were doing and, as a result, she called us each day with an update and told us not to worry and to have a great time.

That was a level of service that wasn’t necessary.  It wasn’t ‘included’ in the price.  It was an added-service that really made a difference to my sister and I.  And it was one we truly appreciated.  As a result, I’m now blogging to the world about how wonderful the Gearach is – and that’s powerful marketing.

When you live on a fairly remote island, you have to make the most of every single customer.  It’s something all the businesses we encountered on Islay have learnt to do – and we’ll share more examples over the coming weeks – but it’s a lesson all business owners should take on board.

Can you imagine your customers blogging about how amazing your customer service is?  If not, what do you need to change???

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