Catch It. Bin It. Kill It.

By joanne | 11th March | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

As the Post Office removes it’s limit on the number of unsolicited pieces of mail it will deliver each week, we may be on the brink of a significant change in direct marketing.  But, my advice would be to approach this marketing method with care – there wasn’t a single interviewee on the BBC this morning who relished the thought of more ‘junk mail’ arriving through their letterbox.

Unsolicited or unaddressed mail generates an estimated £130 billion in sales each year, according to the Direct Marketing Association.  They claim that 80% of mail is opened and looked at, but the number of people who act on that mail is very different.  The marketing industry works off approximately a 1% response rate for addressed direct mail – which means 99% goes to waste and, quite rightly, creates issues in environmental circles.

So how can you use this method more effectively?

  • Target Your Audience – we talked about targeting yesterday and it’s crucial to know who you’re talking to and what they value.  Your response rates will increase the more you target.
  • Buy some great creative – it’s worth spending money on professional graphic design and printing, so your mailing stands out from the crowd.
  • Make an offer – give the mailing some value, so people might hang on to it.
  • Use recycled stock, or paper from sustainable sources – don’t make a bad situation worse.
  • Personalise your mailings wherever possible – you get a better response from addressed mail.

You also need to remember that your audience can opt-out of receiving mailings, so if you are sending direct marketing, you must check your list against the Mailing Preference lists to ensure you are working within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act.

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