The Importance of Branding

By joanne | 23rd February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Everything you do – or don’t do – sends a message about your business.  And it all starts with branding.

Whilst some companies believe only corporates or plcs need to understand and utilise branding, I’m afraid it affects every business; large or small and it’s crucial to your success.

Your brand is often the first impression of your business – if someone walks past your shop or office, or visits your website, they will make all kinds of decisions about you just based on your logo.  It sounds unfair, but we do exactly the same thing when we meet someone face to face – we rely just 7% on what they say and make the rest of our judgement based on their body language and the tone of their voice.

Imagine, just for a second, a Mercedes Logo.  Then consider what that brand conjures up to you, in terms of the culture of the company, the type of person who might buy Mercedes, the mission of the company, their target audience and key messages.

Chances are you may never have owned a Mercedes, but just from a logo, you’ve jumped to all sorts of conclusions about the company – and what you think you know about them.  Yet all of that can be collated often from just a simple collection of shapes, lines and sometimes words.

If you can do that with Mercedes – a brand you’ve probably heard and read a lot about, what are people perceiving about your business from your logo?  They may never have heard of you before, but they will be reading things into your branding – the question is, do they like what they see?

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