20,000 Public Sector Jobs To Go

By joanne | 19th February | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

As local authorities struggle to cope with budget shortfalls, it’s expected job cuts may reach 20,000 across the UK.

Nottinghamshire Council announced yesterday that it planned to shed up to 1,500 jobs and Birmingham City Council is expecting to cut 2,000.  These cuts, says the Independent, are mirrored across the country.  (Visit http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cash-crisis-hits-town-halls-from-truro-to-aberdeen-1904125.html for the full story.)

So what does this mean for your company?

  • If you only deal with the public sector, now could be a good time to look at alternative markets.  Are there organisations in the social, not-for-profit or private sectors who could use your product or service?  If so, what relationships do you need to build / what networks should you consider joining?
  • 20,000 cuts means 20,000 job seekers; many of whom will have great contacts into the public sector and an understanding of tendering for work – could they be an asset to your company?
  • If you are marketing your business to the public sector, they are highly likely to be focused on savings – if you can save them money, that may save jobs.  Focus on that element of your product or service and you may get a hearing – particularly if it’s a fast payback.
  • A significant number of people losing their jobs are likely to set up their own businesses.  If you help start-ups, that could prove a great opportunity for you – can you perhaps be proactive and approach the local authorities to offer training and guidance to people who may want to take that route?

As always, opportunities abound in any ‘bad’ news – you just need to look harder for the positive outcomes sometimes.  Spotting these opportunities – and getting our customers in front of them, so they can take advantage – is what we do as marketing consultants – if you don’t have someone in-house watching for these opportunities, you should maybe ask for some outside help from a local marketing company.

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