True Colours

By joanne | 12th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

Politics may leave you feeling cold (and bored), but it’s critical for your business that you understand the policies of each political party and how they may affect your business.

This includes the following:

  • Policies of the leading national parties
  • Local policies of politicians in your area (whatever their party)
  • Public sector changes in your target area
  • Public opinion – which usually sways political opinion (when voiced by sufficient numbers of people)

For example… most people are predicting cuts in public sector spending in 2010 to make up for their increase in 2009 (which bolstered the economy).  The Conservatives have allegedly suggested they would abolish regional assemblies, such as the regional development agencies, which would save a significant amount of money – and would possibly be a vote-winner.

What impact would such a move have on your business?  And what opportunities might it present?

How could you position yourself now to take advantage?  For example…

  • What contacts might you need to make
  • Do you need to be on any tender lists?
  • Do you know the local MPs and what their policies are?
  • How might your target audience change with an election, in terms of what needs / problems they have?

Now’s the time to be positioning yourself and building relationships with the ‘right’ people – after the election will be too late.

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