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By joanne | 9th February | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

As we continue our look at trends we think will be important in 2010, hopefully you’ll spot some opportunities that could increase your profits this year…

  1. Consumer Power.  Gone are the days of a passive audience simply stuck on ‘receive’ for marketing messages.  With the internet, customers can talk back – and you might not like what they have to tell you.  This feedback loop is fantastic for companies who continually strive to improve their products and offer a great service – just make sure you’re listening and giving people a chance to tell you what they think.
  2. Niche Products.  In a way, demand has limited our choices of what products take up shelf space, but the internet is turning that on it’s head.  Customers can now have whatever they want, if they buy it online.  Made to measure is coming back – and it’s all available at the speed of thought.  If you’re in any doubt about this trend, just look at the number of empty shops on your local high street.
  3. Download TV.  Tivo and Sky+ have changed the way people watch television, which in turn has altered the face of advertising.  Many consumers now have the ability to fast-forward advertisements and, as downloads increase, such as BBC’s iPlayer, they won’t have to watch them at all.  Download TV is creating it’s own opportunities for television on-demand – people are finding programmes they couldn’t previously watch (as they were shown in other areas / countries) which is stimulating demand and continuing the feedback loop.
  4. Public Sector cuts.  In 2009, the Government spent a huge amount of money bolstering the economy – you just had to look at adverts on TV to notice how many were Government funded.  We don’t believe this is sustainable however and we’re likely therefore to see cuts in public sector spending and jobs in 2010.
  5. Retraining.  With more redundancies comes the need to retrain and the training industry has seen a small boom in the past year.  It’s likely this will continue throughout 2010. This is also part of a larger trend as the country moves into the ‘knowledge economy’ where we trade information rather than time.

More tomorrow…

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