Visualising What You Want

By joanne | 18th January | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, I cannot recommend ‘The Secret’ enough.  It explains how this Law is a universal law, just like gravity.  It’s something scientists don’t fully understand, as it’s all about tapping into our subconscious mind, but they do know it works.

Athletes also use visualisation when they’re competing and the positive effects have been well documented.  But, for business people, it’s an underused tool.

The best technique I have been exposed to was visualising a lottery win.  The speaker suggested we look past the money and think about what we would do, if money were no longer an issue.  This often leads to the discovery of what it is that you really value – which is crucial when deciding your strategy.

Some people struggle with visualisation, so don’t worry if you find it a bit far-fetched – you’re definitely not alone.  These ideas might help you though…

  • Think about films or TV programmes that have generated an emotional response in you – whatever that emotion was.  Chances are that response is linked to something about which you feel passionate.  If you can focus on that, you’re part way to discovering what you really want.
  • If you really struggle to visualise, a coach I know recommended you go and see ‘Avatar’ – James Cameron’s latest movie.  It is incredible, but it may also help you think more broadly and visualise things that are important to you.  And that’s the first step in achieving what you want.

Remember – if you don’t know what you want, you’ll achieve ‘anything’. If you visualise exactly what you do want, both you and the people around you will try to make it happen.  The universe doesn’t understand positive and negative – it just understands ‘focus’ so, as they say, be careful what you wish for!

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