Managing Your Time

By joanne | 14th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

In the ‘digital age’, we all have too many things to do to achieve them all in 24 hours.  Everyone is busy and more is expected of us than ever.  Multi-tasking is becoming challenging for even the most organised of women as we’re all pushed to achieve more and ‘live our lives to the full’.

So how can we take a reality check and manage our time better, so that we achieve more?

In yesterday’s post, we recommended you write down everything you did in a 24-hour period, so we could analyse it and see where time is lost.  Tomorrow we’ll look forward to next week’s diary and see how you could gain some more time.

Have a look at your list and see whether any of the following tips could help:

  1. Which jobs on your list generated money?  These need to be top of your list for future, as businesses only succeed when they generate profits.
  2. How much of your time was spent with customers?  Again, most of us make money when we’re with customers, so maximising your time here should help you achieve your goals for growth.
  3. How much of your time was spend with unprofitable customers?  Many of us lose time handling enquiries from people who aren’t customers, or are low-paying customers.  They can sap your time and end up actually costing you money.  How could you reduce this time?
  4. Do you chunk your time?  For example, if you have 5 phone calls to make, do you make them one after the other, or do you make them at different times of the day?  By doing similar jobs together, you can save time.
  5. Did you attend any unproductive meetings?  Meetings can eat time, and many people don’t know how to run them effectively.  Ensure you always have an agenda and that a limited time is set for meetings.
  6. Take regular breaks, as this will increase your efficiency.
  7. Make time in the day for strategic or marketing work, so you ensure the important work is being done.
  8. Did you ‘fill’ any of your time – you know who you are.  If you (like me) play Freecell or Solitaire, your brain may be telling you that’s the time you took a break.
  9. Do you have a jobs list you stuck to?
  10. How do you handle distractions, such as the telephone?  Do you have someone else who could field your calls, even if just for an hour or two?
  11. How often do you check your emails?  Again, these can distract us when we’re working and take our mind off our current task.

Finally, ask yourself whether you would have hired yourself, or fired yourself yesterday.  … Be honest.

Check back tomorrow for ways we can find an hour or two in your diary next week to do some strategic work and move towards achieving your goals.

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