Keeping It Local

By joanne | 11th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

With the cold weather expected to continue through this week, some businesses have already noticed an increase in custom due to the snow and ice.  Shops that supply their local area are booming – one butcher’s in Derbyshire was reported as seeing a 150% increase in business, as the locals walk to the shops in their nearest town or village, rather than travel to city centres.

As with all climates – economic or otherwise – someone always benefits.  And it’s clearly the turn of the local shops for the time being.

So, how can you make the most of the opportunity the weather has presented?

  • Ensure people can reach your shop or business easily and won’t harm themselves
  • Offer home deliveries for those who can’t make it out of their houses
  • Call the most vulnerable people in your neighbourhood and ensure they have sufficient food and warm clothing
  • Keep stocked up – this is your chance to prove you’re just as convenient as the out-of-town supermarket
  • Don’t use the opportunity to profiteer from the weather – people will know if you put your prices up overnight and will hold a grudge in the long-term.  They will also tell others of your unethical practices
  • Smile – people do business with people they like.  This is an opportunity to build a relationship with your local customers, so be nice
  • Provide people with vouchers, so they’ll come back and shop with you again (when the weather improves)

This is a great marketing opportunity for some local business owners who have lost out to the larger retailers – make the most of the chance and remind your customers what a great service you offer.

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