Get in Touch with Your Customers

By joanne | 8th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

There is no doubt I fall directly into the target audience of Renault’s new TV commercial.  I love driving but, as an animal lover, I am accutely aware of climate change and our impact on the environment around us.

Renault has cleverly tapped into this modern dilemma and created what I consider to be one of the best adverts I have seen in a very long time.

With my marketing hat on, what do I think they’ve done right (that others can replicate)?

  • They understand their target audience perfectly
  • The narrative correctly describes people’s emotions and the dilemma they have between enjoying themselves and doing the right thing
  • The advert uses the same language as their audience
  • They don’t preach, dictate or insult anyone
  • They don’t make light of the environmental situation
  • They share what they as a company are doing to combat climate change
  • And they offer a solution

To be fair, I’ve driven Renault’s and never been terribly impressed (I am admittedly a bit of a petrol head), but I can’t wait to test-drive their new range of electric cars.

Great job Renault (and your advertising agency) – well done.  I hope many more advertisers follow your lead and wake up to the responsibility many modern consumers feel.

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