It’s Snow Joke

By joanne | 6th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

If you’re battling the nation’s weather conditions and trying to remain open for business, you need to ensure you keep communication channels open and let your customers and employees know the state of play.  Our top tips are as follows…

  1. Don’t put yourself, or your employees, at risk – if it isn’t safe to open, or people can’t make it to work, then remain closed.  If you can reach the office / place of work, display a sign prominently explaining the situation to customers.
  2. Look after your staff.  If they have children at school or nursery, they are within their rights to take time off to care for them if the school or nursery is closed.  You’ll need your staff to help make up for any lost business in these difficult conditions, so there’s no use upsetting them.
  3. Look after your customers.  Ensure they can reach your business safely, if they choose to do so.  Beware of any legalities regarding clearing paths, but find a way to clear them to avoid customers falling on their way to your door.
  4. Use technology – could you re-arrange meetings to take place by phone or Skype?  Sometimes you don’t need to meet face-to-face.
  5. Work from home – if employees are sat at home, could they be making calls, conducting research or manufacturing products?
  6. Make best use of the weather in your marketing.  We had a great example of this in Edinburgh, when a market trader was offering a free snowball with every purchase from his stall.
  7. Keep in touch – if you can’t do anything, and your customers are also sat at home, now’s a great time to contact them.  Could you send a mailing, or organise a telemarketing campaign to keep people informed of your latest offers.
  8. Make it easy to buy – could you deliver to people, or find a way for them to buy without having to come to your place of work?
  9. Cut costs.  If your business is losing money because of the snow, look at ways you can protect yourself by cutting costs.
  10. Remain positive.  It’s very easy to complain about the situation you find yourself in, but the whole country is in the same boat.  A positive outlook will have a longer lasting impression with your customers and staff and will pay dividends through the rest of the year.

We’d love to hear your top tips as well – if you can think of others, please send them in so we can share them with other readers.

Have fun – and don’t forget to throw a snowball or two!

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