Accountability Partner

By joanne | 5th January | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

Goal-setting, strategy and marketing are often the last jobs we get around to; especially as business picks up and gets busier.  They fall in the ‘important, but not urgent’ category, so they give way to customers, suppliers, employees and any number of other ‘urgent’ distractions.  As a result, many business owners who do create a business plan find they have difficulty sticking to it.  Invariably, that leads to an inability to achieve the goals that seemed so important at the start of the year.

In order to avoid this situation, and ensure your business moves forward in a logical and determined way, we recommend finding yourself an accountability partner – someone who will ask how you’re doing against the goals you’ve set – and keep you on track.

This is the reason many of us have a business coach – but it doesn’t need to be someone who costs you money.  It could be a fellow business owner -maybe you could coach each other.  Or a mentor or adviser you trust.

Our top tips for the best outcome are as follows:

  • Find someone you trust, who also has experience of running a business
  • Set a timescale that’s comfortable for follow-ups – no less than once per month (once per week will give you more momentum)
  • Stick to the appointments – no matter what
  • Set time aside in your diary for ‘strategy’ or ‘marketing’ to ensure it’s done
  • Be careful who you ask – free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it

If you know someone with coaching skills and business experience, they are probably perfect – why not call them now and ask if they could help you this year?

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