A Bit of Head Space

By joanne | 28th December | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy

It’s always easier to think about business when you’re away from it and have some ‘headspace’ in which to think.  The gap between Christmas and New Year can be a perfect time to consider what you’d like to achieve in the New Year.  Hopefully the headings below will help you.

In memory of the legendary Jim Rohn, who recently passed away, the following bullet points are designed to be used as a brainstorm for you to think about things you’d like to achieve in the New Year.  Give yourself 10 minutes and don’t think too hard – just write down the first things that come into your mind.  And keep writing – you can have as many items as you like in any category – the topics are just there to guide you…

  • I Want to Go
  • I Want to See
  • I Want to Do
  • I Want to Be
  • And, an extra one I added… I Want to Give

You might find you’ve written some things that surprise you, which is great – just keep writing.

Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to do this if you have a partner – in business, or in life.

Have Fun!

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