Time to Give Thanks

By joanne | 23rd December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

For many people, today will be the last working day before Christmas, which makes it the perfect time to thank employees and suppliers for their support in what has been a tough year.

This doesn’t have to cost any money – a simple, personal and sincere ‘thank you’ can often be enough – but it’s the one thing we often forget to do, or run out of time to complete.  Or worse, we fail to understand how important it is…

Internal marketing is one of the most under-appreciated forms of marketing, but your staff are often the first point of contact with customers.  They can make or break a sale.  And we’ve all had plenty of examples of poor customer service.  Happy, motivated and polite staff can make all the difference to your net profits, but it has to start with you.  (I’m afraid your staff are simply a reflection of your management skills.)

Put yourself in their position  – they may have seen people come and go over the year.  They may have survived redundancies.  They may have worked over-time, or brought new customers to you when they didn’t have to.  Some may have had tough times in their family this year – maybe loved ones have lost jobs, or suffered with the floods or the snow.  We all struggle through the roller-coaster that is life and a simple ‘thank you’ can make all your hard work seem worthwhile.

If your team has gone the extra mile for you this year, make sure you thank them before they leave for their Christmas break – you want their lasting memory of work to be a good one.

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