There’s No Business Like Snow Business

By joanne | 22nd December | Marketing Ideas

The weather can create major problems for some businesses, with customers prefering to stay indoors, if they have the option.  So, we’ve collated some tips you may be able to implement to keep money coming in throughout the festive period – snow or no snow…

  1. Communication is the key – let people know you’re open for business.  This could be through email communications, if you have a hotel for example, or simply by ensuring the windows are lit and the place looks warm and welcoming (and you’re open sign is well illuminated).
  2. Help people to your door – if you have ice or snow on your doorstep or outside your shop or venue, people may pass you by.  Keep access clear at all times, so it’s easy for people to get to your business.
  3. Entice people with Christmas goodies – serving mulled wine, or offering chocolates for example can be a good enticement into your shop – and an even better reason to linger and spend more time browsing.
  4. Offer to deliver products, if that makes it easier for your customers.  You can always charge for the delivery cost, to cover your expenses.
  5. If people do have to cancel their trip / visit to you, offer to postpone rather than cancel.  At least then you get the order at some stage.  An enticement of a voucher with the re-booking or re-order might help.
  6. Keep your marketing messages going – if you usually send direct mail at this time of year, keep doing it.  You need to work even harder in bad weather, so keep the consistency up and, if you have fewer than four marketing methods in place, add a new one in to your mix.
  7. Look into online sales and perhaps using Google’s Adwords as a quick boost to business.  (You need to do your homework before trying this tip, but it could help.)
  8. Approach agencies / affiliates within your industry who may be able to direct more business your way.
  9. Create an offer for your best customers and prospects, which may attract short-term sales.
  10. Send vouchers out to your database – but keep the expiry date short, so people have to use them quickly.

If you have any other tips you’d like to share, please let us know so we can add them to the blog and help ensure businesses thrive this winter – regardless of the weather.

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