People Power

By joanne | 21st December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

I was absolutely thrilled to see the public vote with their feet in this year’s contest for the Christmas number one.  And it’s a great example to remind everyone that it’s the public who control what happens, not some well-designed marketing formula that has worked well for a number of years.

Unfortunately for Simon Cowell, I think he’s become a figure some people love to hate, which no doubt fuelled the desire to ensure he didn’t get everything his own way.  But that has always been the case – customers like to feel they’re in control, not the other way around.  And that’s exactly how it should be (which is why there has been the most horrendous backlash against the Iraq war).

So, how can you harness the ‘power of the people’ in your business?

  1. Listen to your customers – what are people saying about you?  Are they happy, or are they leaving dissatisfied.
  2. Ask people what they think.  With modern technology, people could be writing complaints about you online without you even knowing they weren’t happy.  It’s always better to ask and deal with any issues immediately.
  3. If people are happy, ask if they will put something in writing or whether you can quote them – testimonials give people a great deal of confidence in your abilities and can be used in your marketing materials.
  4. Be nice – manners cost nothing and this is where Simon Cowell comes unstuck – he can be just plain rude.  I actually don’t watch X-Factor for that reason – I have no time for people being nasty to others – and neither do your customers.  If you’re a likeable person, customers will tend to stick around.
  5. Get your customers and prospects together.  If you can find a way for these two groups to meet, your happy customers can do your selling for you.

Remember that the days of business being done to people are long gone – they now have a very siginificant voice.  If you’re in any doubt, just take a look at ‘United Broke My Guitar’ on YouTube.  It’s been viewed over 719,000 times.

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