Wordsworth in a Spin

By joanne | 9th December | Marketing Ideas

I had the privilege yesterday of interviewing the very first candidates for the Lancaster Award at Lancaster University – and an amazingly bright bunch they were too.

During one of the interviews, we had the unexpected pleasure of an English literature student explaining to us how Wordsworth had used a form of ‘spin’ in his promotions.  The widely held perception is that Wordsworth ‘wandered lonely as a cloud’ and simply popped out one day and wrote an amazing poem about what he’d seen.

This particular English literature cohort weren’t that easily convinced however and, using the diaries of Wordsworth’s sister, they deduced this famous poem was probably written over days, if not weeks, as Wordsworth perfected the words.

Never before has anyone linked Wordsworth with marketing in my presence – it was a joy to behold.  Thank you Neil and very good luck in your future career in marketing – I have absolutely no doubt you’ll be a fantastic success.

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