Buyer Behaviour…An Insight

By joanne | 7th December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will recall a story in the last week or so about using a building as a marketing tool.  I’m going to use Dakota again in this example of typical buyer behaviour, because it’s a great example of what your customers are sometimes doing behind your back.

It takes on average seven points of contact between someone finding out you exist and them buying from you – but you need to bear in mind that you may not be aware of some of those points of contact.

For example…

  1. Our first point of contact with Dakota was driving past the building and noticing what a gorgeous building it was and wondering what it was / what they did.
  2. Our second point of contact was driving past it again and having a similar discussion
  3. Our third point of contact was looking at the website and agreeing the rooms looked really well designed – and the website was fantastic.  (It was only at this point that we discovered Dakota was a hotel.)
  4. Our fourth point of contact was further discussions and visits to the website to look at prices and offers.  At which point, we agreed we would visit on a special occasion.
  5. Our fifth point of contact was mentioning the hotel to a friend, who confirmed she’d stopped there and shared a testimonial about the hotel.
  6. Up to this point, Dakota had no knowledge we were a prospect – we’d never had any contact with them.
  7. Our sixth point of contact was trying to book a break online (which wasn’t that easy, as they seem to specialise in single-night bookings).
  8. Our seventh point of contact was a phone call during which we booked a two-night break – and they finally made some profit from us.

This whole process took two years, but is very typical buyer behaviour.  Do you know how long your customers have been watching you – and do you know what people are saying about you behind your back to influence the sale?  Are they supporting, or undermining your marketing?

It’s critical you have as much control over this sales process as you can.  Now we live in a digital age, people can watch you from a distance – the question is whether you’re showing off your best side.

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