The end of www…?

By admin | 2nd December | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills

It was with great interest that I watched the latest Dyson advert and noticed a very significant change…

At the end of the advert, they no longer quote their website, but ask people to ‘search for Dyson online’.  No doubt I should have seen that one coming and it’s a very interesting change.  If customers and prospects type ‘Dyson’ into Google, they will receive all sorts of information – both good and bad – about Dyson.  And that’s much more useful to a prospect than the companies own website.

It allows them to read reviews, testimonials, complaints and get a very honest impression of the company and their products.  And, honest is a key word in that sentance – if the internet can be used as a tool for keeping companies honest and actively suggesting prospects read up on their credentials and check them out, that can only bode well for the consumer – and it keeps our industry more ethical.

Of course, the companies that already lack scruples will be pushing their own ‘independent’ reviews into the online space – but it becomes more difficult to hide the people who don’t like them – especially if they’re numerous.  (If you doubt customer power, just look at ‘you broke my guitar’ and see what happened to United Airlines when they refused to take one disgrtuntled customer seriously.)

The marketing world’s a much more interesting space now customers can talk back!

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