The Perfect Up-Sell

By admin | 30th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

We visited Caernarfon this weekend and popped into J & C’s Chippy on Pool Street for a fish and chip lunch.  We ate in the cafe upstairs and, when our order was taken, we were asked if we wanted mushy peas.  My husband said ‘yes’ straight away and I hesitated (I never have mushy peas).  The owner reassured me they were home-made and said you couldn’t have fish and chips without them – so I agreed (and they were fabulous).

That very simple up-sell generated 90p extra per person; an additional £1.80 on our order. The cafe sat 28 people – even if only 25% of customers accepted the upsell that’s an additonal £6.30 every time the tables are turned.  Do that just once a day and you make an additional £189 per month and over £2000 in a year. 

We spoke to the owner at the end of the meal and he told us that almost everybody accepts the up-sell, so his figures will be much higher than those in the example above.  He also told us that Caernarfon was heaving in the summer, so they probebly turn their tables at least four times a day – not bad, for the sake of a simple sentance.

What could you ask in your business that could generate an extra 90p per sale?

Thanks to J&C’s for the example above – if you ever find yourself in Caernarfon, we can highly recommend the fish and chips – and the mushy peas!

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