Sounds Like Success

By joanne | 25th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

If you think of a mobile phone and imagine the dial tone, the tune you will invariably come up with is the Nokia ring tone.  It’s been used in adverts asking audiences to switch their phones off and is the ubiquitous sound when anyone in the media wants to suggest a mobile phone is in use.

Nokia cleverly manufactured all their phones with a single ring tone – which most people didn’t change (possibly because they either didn’t know how to, or couldn’t be bothered).  As a result, the tune has become an integral part of the digital world we live in.  And it promotes the Nokia brand every time it’s heard.  It’s fantastic marketing.

Other pieces of music which have been used in marketing and have become an integral part of the brand include the Hamlet and Hovis tunes.  Apple have also used music to great effect in their adverts; many of the tunes having since become top 40 hits.

Appealing to the senses in this way makes perfect ‘sense’; particularly if you can match the music to your audience, as the brands in the previous examples have shown.  For example, if you have a retail shop or restaurant, what music would your audience typically want to listen to – is that what you’re playing in the environment where customers buy?  The supermarkets are experts at sensory marketing – next time you have a wander round, listen to their choice of music and see if you can tell who they’re targeting.

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