Building Success

By joanne | 24th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

A year or so ago, my husband and I drove past a beautiful building in Edinburgh.  It looked like a shiny black block of Lego and stood out from everything around it.  The sign on the top simply said ‘Dakota’.

We were so intrigued, we ‘googled’ Dakota when we got home and realised it was a very elegant hotel chain.  Upon seeing the website, we vowed to visit when we had reason to.

Since that time, we’ve told so many people about the building and the hotel that we’ve been promoting them without ever having visited.  We’ve heard stories from other people who’ve been and they have supported the brand.  We’ve been told that David Coulthard is apparently involved and the picture has slowly filled out.

Yesterday, I booked two nights in Dakota over Christmas and then the real test will begin.  Will it live up to the expectations that now surround it, after all the brand-building that has gone before?

This is a real story of marketing in action.  It shows buyer behaviour which is very typical and it all began because their building has been incredibly well designed – and that’s backed up with a great website.

Is your building working hard to market you?

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