Be Careful What You Say – Without Speaking

By joanne | 20th November | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

We’ve mentioned all week that people form an impression about you in just a handful of seconds but, often you haven’t had chance to speak at that point.  So how are people forming impressions about you?

  • 55% of your first impression in created non-verbally

This is usually how you look, how you stand, your body language, whether you smile and make eye contact.  It includes your clothing, haircut, accessories, shoes…  And it makes up over half of the first impression someone makes about you – perhaps it’s time to invest in that full-length mirror?

  • 38% is translated in the tone of your voice

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it – and it makes up a huge part of the impression people have of you.  This picks up any excitement, enthusiasm and passion in your voice, and equally boredom, disinterest and monotony.

  • 7% is the words you use

Just 7% of people’s first impression is in your choice of words.  So you could have the best elevator pitch ever, but if you’re dressed inappropriately or deliver it without any passion, your marketing message is likely to be lost.

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