The Seven-Second Challenge

By joanne | 18th November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

Whether your prospect meets you face-to-face, walks past your shop window, or visits your website, you have just seven seconds to catch their imagination and leave them wanting more information.  Within that time, it’s imperative you get three key points across:

  • Who Are You?
  • What Do You Do?
  • One Benefit of Finding Out More

If you can’t cover those three things within seven seconds, chances are your prospect has already ‘left the building’.

Your literature needs to achieve the same goals, as your brochures / business cards etc. may be passed to a prospect when you aren’t there.  What do they say about you and your business?  How can you be sure to answer the three key questions listed above?  (For some top tips on your business card design, see yesterday’s post.)

Tomorrow’s post will cover more on elevator pitches, so you can create the right first impression when you meet face-to-face, but in the meantime, have a think about whether your shop window, website, or company literature are doing the best sales job they can.

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