First Impressions Count

By joanne | 10th November | Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

People we meet make a decision about us within the very first few seconds.  And spend the next few minutes trying to find evidence to back-up their initial ‘gut reaction’.  You often don’t even have chance to open your mouth before people have decided whether they like you, or not.

As this can have such an impact on your sales (and profits), what can you do to ensure your first impression counts?

Showing Off’s Top Tips:

  • Dress appropriately for your business
  • Check your appearance before you enter a room (teeth, breath, buttons etc.)
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Give a firm handshake

Unless first impressions of you are spot on, this can massively affect your profitability.  As a result, it’s worth practicing your handshake and asking friends and colleagues for an honest assessment of your appearance – are you creating the right image for your company?

We’ll cover different elements of first impreessions in more detail over the next few days, beginning with top tips for clothing that makes you more money!  Check back tomorrow…

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