Is Your Business Ready For Christmas?

By joanne | 9th November | Marketing Ideas

‘Just six weeks to go’ I was cheerfully told in a local gift shop today.  Christmas truly is creeping up on us and, whatever your religion, it’s a fantastic opportunity for business.

For a start, it’s the one time in the year when no-one minds you writing to them to wish them a Merry Christmas.  Which presents a great opportunity to remind them about your business.  But, how do you make sure the memories last longer than the turkey and the money you spend is a worthwhile investment?

Showing Off’s Top Ten Christmas Marketing Tips:

  1. Do send cards – people still like to receive them and email is no substitute
  2. Use Christmas as a time to thank people for their business
  3. Don’t forget your top referrers – you want to thank them too
  4. If you’re giving a gift, make sure it’s relevant to the receiver
  5. Try to give something that will last – or at least provide lasting memories
  6. Branded gifts are great if they’ll be used constantly – but again, make sure they’re relevant
  7. Do have a Christmas party – you’re staff definitely deserve a thank you this year
  8. Remember your suppliers – a well placed thank you goes a long way
  9. Could you throw a party for your customers instead of gifts, and use it as a networking opportunity for them?
  10. Buy yourself something to celebrate getting through a tough year – and share it with the ones you love

Have fun and be prepared.

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