The Impact of Colour

By joanne | 3rd November | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

Colour may be the last thing you consider when you’re thinking about a company logo, or sign, but different colours can elicit very different responses from your target audience.  They are therefore a crucial element of your corporate identity and the colours that surround your brand.

Below are the primary colours and the impact they have on most people:


Calming and encourages efficiency and reflection.  It’s also the colour of communication.  (Allegedly, people wearing blue suits out-sell those who wear black.)


Warms, stimulates and energises.  It can make you feel powerful and strong and is great for creating energy.


Designed for calming, rest and recuperation (Green is often used in private hospitals and psychiatric units).  It helps you restore and refresh your spirit.

Other colours have meanings and moods attached to them as well.  And the meaning of different colours changes with culture, so get to know your target audience well and ensure you don’t make any faux pas in your marketing.

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