Why Do Customers Leave?

By joanne | 30th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Training

Customers usually buy something new or swap brands because they are dissatisfied.  Most don’t leave because of price – the main reason they leave you is actually because of ‘perceived indifference’ – they thought you didn’t care.

In fact, almost 70% of customers switch brand or supplier for this reason – so you need a number of strategies in place to help your customers get to know you, like you and trust you, and to let them know you are grateful for their business.

With Christmas on the horizon, have you ordered your Christmas cards and gifts?  Are you planning on saying ‘thank you’ to your top customers and your top referrers?  You should also include your suppliers and staff – anyone on your team who has helped build the business this year.

If you weren’t planning to send a card or gift this year, what would it take?  (If you don’t say thank you in the middle of a recession, when will you?)

If you aren’t sure whether it’s worth saying ‘thank you’, we’d ask you to work out how much additional profit you’d have made this year if each of your customers had just stayed with you for one more month.

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