FAB – How to Sell the Benefits

By admin | 27th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Training

When prospects are researching your product or service, they are looking at what’s in it for them.  Will it save them money, make them look good, help increase their profits …  But often, as sales people, we sell them all the technical features of the product and talk ourselves right out of the sale.

If you use a FAB Sheet, that should help you stick to what’s important to your customer.  For example…

Features Advantages Benefits
Extra-special widget Something our competitors don’t have Saves you time
Fabulous marketing strategy Helps you service more customers Makes you more money

As you can see from the example above, features are the elements we usually cover in detail, especially if you’re selling a technically complex product or service, but the buyers will always be looking for the benefits.  These are often money-saving / money-making benefits and are the real reason behind the purchase.

Why not watch some adverts on TV tonight and see if you can spot companies that do this well (and those who don’t).  The computer industry offers some great examples; some sell products based on the amount of memory their kit has or the screen resolution, but the really successful companies (such as Apple) have tapped into the emotional reasons for buying their products and really know how to sell the benefits.

Here’s a blank table for your own examples:

Features Advantages Benefits

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