The Power of Nostalgia

By admin | 19th October | Marketing Ideas, Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

When times are tough, people long for security and safety and they often achieve this by thinking back to their childhood, when times were happier and they had no worries.

This has been true in previous recessions and seems to be the case this time too.  The shops are filled with Christmas gifts and toys that serve as reminders of Christmases past.  We were shopping this weekend and saw Morph gifts, talking Fisher Price telephones and Diabolos; all of which we remember with great fondness.

Memory books are also very popular stock items – photograph albums, books people can write in to record events, such as pregnancy, Christmases past and present and ‘This is Your Life’ style albums.

People buy on emotion.  And this is true in both business to consumer and business to business situations.  Could you link your product or service to the emotional reason people buy it?  If that can also be connected to nostalgia, you could have a very convincing sales pitch in the current climate.

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