Where Are You Now?

By admin | 5th October | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

In order to move your marketing – and your business – forward, you need to have a view on where you currently are in your organisation.  This involves an audit of your current marketing, so you can take a critical look at what you need to change, in order to move forward.

An audit should consider a number of areas:

Business Mission

What are the over-riding aims of the company?  What do you stand for?  What is your core business?  Do you have a mission statement that makes this clear to you, your team and your customers / suppliers?

Market Analysis

What is happening in the external business environment currently?  Are there opportunities you could take advantage of?  Are there threats you need to be aware of?  Is your business growing, or shrinking?

Internal Analysis

What’s happening within your company at the moment?  How are things changing?  What’s the position with key members of your team?  Are your products / services improving?  What do your customers think of you?  Is their buying behaviour changing?


What are your goals and objectives for this year? (More on this in tomorrows post.)

Once you have a view on where you are, you can start to take a look at where you’d like to be.  And, we’ll cover that in a bit more detail tomorrow…

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