Getting the Right Marketing Mix (2)

By admin | 1st October | Marketing Skills, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Training

The 4 Ps model of marketing that we covered yesterday is the cornerstone of marketing strategy, but a later model looked at areas specific to services – expanding the model to seven Ps.  (This causes a problem for marketers, as we love our two by two-box models and seven Ps just doesn’t fit!)

Please ensure that you cover the four Ps first, then have a look at the additional three.  You need all seven when looking at services marketing.

The next layer is as follows…

P – People

If your company ‘sells’ services, they are usually inseparable from the people who deliver them; making your people crucial to your marketing mix.  Effective training, customer service, relationship marketing and standardised forms of delivery all play a part in this aspect of the marketing mix.  How many strategies do you have for developing your people?  Do you have scripts and templates to help ensure each person delivers to the same high standards?

P = Processes

Which brings us nicely to processes.  These are important in any business, but with services they assist in standardising delivery.  If you imagine a company with two offices, selling accountancy services.  You may have the same branding over the door, and the customers will have the same expectations from each office, but the individuals delivering the service can make the difference between happy and unhappy customers.  Processes seek to standardise the delivery as much as possible – so the customer always receives the same level of service on every occasion.  (MacDonalds provides a great example of this in action.)

P = Physical Evidence

Because customers cannot touch and feel your ‘product’, they often require more tangible extras to encourage them to buy.  This physical evidence can take the form of brochures, websites, testimonials from existing clients; anything that helps the customer understand what you deliver and how you deliver it and reassures them that you do what you say.  How many strategies do you have for increasing the physical evidence you have available and do you know which are most suited to your target audience?

See tomorrow’s post for more specific information on marketing services.

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